Cinelli Mash Histogram – Kai 15. Januar 2015

Kai wasnt lucky with his beautiful BB17 Transfer frame that was crashed only few days after getting it. On the other side he was lucky to have a Cinelli Histogram at home he could use instead with the same parts undamaged. Phil Wood hubs laced to Notorious 90 mm carbon rim in the rear, Cinelli parts, SRAM Omnium and some more make it a nice mix.

Tokyo Fixed ONO 10. Januar 2014

Some time ago Martin bought a Tokyo Fixed ONO at our store. He was so kind and send us some pictures of what he made of this masterpiece. Victoire Cycles High FLange Track hubs with BLB Notorious 90 mm carbon rim rear and 50 mm carbon rim front, SRAM Omnium crankset, Chris King headset and Thomson parts make this bike very exclusive. Definitely our style.

Chub Hub X BLB Notorious 90 mm 19. Juni 2012

Carbon Nabe trifft auf Carbonfelge…das Ergebnis ist wuchtig!

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Leader 725TR x BLB Notorious 90 mm 25. April 2012

Optisch massiv wirkender Leader 725TR Aufbau mit Aerospoke vorn und BLB Notorious 90 mm Carbon Felgen hinten. Gabs in dieser Kombination auf  jeden Fall noch nicht.