Cinelli Mash Histogram – Kai 15. Januar 2015

Kai wasnt lucky with his beautiful BB17 Transfer frame that was crashed only few days after getting it. On the other side he was lucky to have a Cinelli Histogram at home he could use instead with the same parts undamaged. Phil Wood hubs laced to Notorious 90 mm carbon rim in the rear, Cinelli parts, SRAM Omnium and some more make it a nice mix.

Cinelli Mash Histogram 2014 17. November 2014

Another nice XXL Cinelli Histogram 2014 that was finished with some parts and  wheels build by us.


Cinelli Mash Histogram – Flo 15. April 2014

Flo took his chance to get one of the last 2013 Cinelli Histgram frames available and let us build up this frame in a very solid way. Mavic ellipse wheelset, SRAM Omnium and Cinelli parts make it a beautiful ride to have much fun with…

Cinelli Mash Histogram 28. Januar 2014

Ilias wanted to get one of the last 2013 Histograms before they are gone. We had to make this bike a budget friendly as possible with a Cinelli MASH Histogram and used a light HALO Aertrack wheelset, an unlabeled Sugino Messenger and some basic but nice parts.

Cinelli Mash Histogram – René 10. September 2013

Our well known „Kapitän zur See“ René got himself one of the all time favourites – the Cinelli Mash Histogram. Build up with Mavic Ellipse and Cinelli Drop Bar the bike got a real race beast.