Cinelli Vigorelli Caleido – Mark

Mark was the first one to preorder one of the new Cinelli Vigorelli Caleido. Build up with Spike hubs laced to H+Son rims, a awesome Ridea crankset combined with a Factory 5 Lattice chainring and some nice Zipp parts.

Aventon Cordoba – Bea

Recently we build this beautiful pink Aventon Cordoba for Bea! Build up with AVenton Lite fork, Halo Aertrack wheelset and solid Cinelli DNA parts.


The Bombtrack Hook Cyclocross proved itself at Transalp challenge and Fish showed everyone what you can do on a bike like that…

from WeMakeThings on Vimeo

Ritchey Swiss Cross

Tobis Ritchey Swiss Cross is a real beauty. Build up with a superb SRAM Force groupset, Maviv wheelset, strong Avid Cantilever  and matching Ricthey components.

Aventon Mataro – Karl

Karl was one of the first who changed his frame to the brandnew Aventon Diamond and he likes it a lot!

Leader Renovatio – Alex

Definitly one of the most underestimated frames this year. Patrick from Pedal Consumption made a great job on this frame. Stiff and agile and it is a perfect fit for me. “Passt zu mir wie der Arsch auf den Eimer” is something we would say in german. Build up with Phil low flange hubs laced to TB14 rims, SRAM Omnium, Thomson and Cinelli parts.

Goldsprint Ultimate CNC stem

Beautiful and light! Our new full CNC machined stem made from 6061-T6 aluminium is stiff as hell and a real beauty.

Breakbrake17 Karma

The Karma is a really well made Aluminium track frame. So no wonder that Christian was eager to try this one. He build it up with parts already been mounted on the “City” Bike before…

Cinelli Mash Histogram – Kai

Kai wasnt lucky with his beautiful BB17 Transfer frame that was crashed only few days after getting it. On the other side he was lucky to have a Cinelli Histogram at home he could use instead with the same parts undamaged. Phil Wood hubs laced to Notorious 90 mm carbon rim in the rear, Cinelli parts, SRAM Omnium and some more make it a nice mix.

MASSIVE Bombtrack Preorder Discount

Next week we are awaiting the whole new Bombtrack bike range and here is your chance to save up to 100 € and get a U-Lock for free if you Preorder from 11.1 to 18.1.! Be fast an get you Hook, Needle, Script or Oxbridge … all details in the shop.