Ukraine Needs Yor Help! 28. Februar 2022

Wie eigentlich alle in Europa, sind wir schockiert über die Ereignisse die sich zur Zeit in der Ukraine zutragen und wollen unsere Reichweite nutzen um Menschen in Not zu helfen! Ab Dienstag ist es möglich Sachspenden/Hilfsgüter für @ukrainehilfeberlin bei uns in Laden abzugeben. Für alle, die keine Sachspenden übrig haben und sich dennoch beteiligen wollen, bieten wir […]

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Holiday Opening Times // Shop closed 24.12.2021 – 03.01.2022 20. Dezember 2021

As another crazy year comes to an end we will take the days between the holidays off to charge our batteries and enjoy the time with our families. Once again we thank you for your support and wish you some peaceful days!

The shop will be closed from 24.12.2021 to 03.01.2021. Last day to shop in store will be the 23.12.2021. Our onlineshop will keep sending stuff out to you as long the shiping companies come by and collect the packages. But please be patient as in the days before / between holidays they take longer than usual to deliver.

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Wheel Feng-Shui 4. Juni 2021

Colourway of the month: Red’n’Black. Sure, according to Bike-Feng-Shui, the combination of top-speed and acceleration! So we laced a couple more @duke_racingwheels carbon „World Runner“ & „Baccarara SLS2“ rims to a red pair of @carbon_ti „X-Hub SP CL“ and @acroscomponents „Nineteen Road SP“ hubs. What will be next months colour? Let us know and text […]

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MASH SF AC-2 17. Februar 2021

We are really sorry we kept you waiting for these beautiful @mashsf AC-2 framesets so long. But finally they are to arrive this week and all available stock will go online in our webshop on saturday evening. We dont offer any preorders before that exept you want a complete bike build by us. In that […]

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Beast Components 15. Januar 2021

Happy about sending out another custom laced Beast Components GR25 Gravel-Wheelset onto the unspoiled wilderniss trails of Brandenburg. This time a Carbon Ti SL hub rotates the rear wheel while a SON 28 12 powerhouse spinning the front. First impression of the cycling enthusiast: „Feels like cheating uphill.“ No more to say!

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Situation / Opening Times 16.12.2020 – 10.01.2021 15. Dezember 2020

german version below / deutsche version weiter unten

Everyone should have heared by now that Germany is on partial lockdown from 16.12.2020 to 10.01.2020 and of course it has impact on us as well. Our workshop will be available as usual to keep everyone mobile and it will be possible to get spare parts to keep  you rolling too (best if you order them for pick up as there is no browsing in the shop). Please make an appointment upfront via telefon or mail if you need a repair.

Normal browsing as usual wont be possible as well there wont be counseling on complete bikes, parts and other stuff in the shop. If you have any questions related to that feel free to drop a mail or call us.

Our webshop will be available as usual and it will be possible to pick up oders as well. For this time its only possible to pick up when the order is payed already to keep contacts to a minimum. If you want to return something form a pick-up made in this time you will have to send it to us or bring it back after 10th of January.

In between the holidays th shop will be closed from 24.12.2020 to 02.01.2020.



Jeder sollte mitbekommen haben, dass in der Zeit vom 16.12.2020 bis 10.01.2021 ein partieller Lockdown beschlossen wurde, von dem auch wir betroffen sind. Um eure Mobilität zu gewährleisten wird in dieser Zeit der Werkstattbestrieb weitergehen und es wird möglich sein Ersatzteile zu bekommen (Am Besten zur Selbstabholung bestellen!) Wenn ihr einen Termin braucht meldet euch bitte telefonisch oder per Mail.

Es wird in dieser Zeit kein normalen Ladenbetrieb geben! Das heißt normales Umschauen und Beratungsgespräche im Laden wird es nicht geben, nur das Abholen und Abgeben von Reparaturen und die Abholung von bezahlten Bestellungen aus dem Onlineshop. Falls ihr Beratung braucht meldet euch bitte telefonisch oder per Mail.

Der Onlineshop wird euch wie gewohnt zur Verfügung stehen und es wird weiterhin möglich sein Bestellungen zur Selbstabholung im Laden abzuholen. In dieser Lockdown Zeit geht das aber nur für vorab online gezahlte Bestellungen. Wenn etwas von einer Selbstabholung umgetauscht werden soll müsst ihr den Artikel per Post retournieren .

Zwischen den Feiertagen wird der Laden vom 24.12. 2020 bis einschließlich 02.02.2021 geschlossen sein!


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Sour Bicycles Clueless 9. Dezember 2020

Not sure if tarmac turns into an endless gravel road on your next trip? Trying not to be expelled from your weekly roadie group ride? 😉 With the Sour Bicycles „Clouless“ frame-set as base for your next ride both options are possible. With a true road geometry these two bikes will devour paved roads as […]

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Boltcutter Cycles Peacemaker Gravel+ 15. Oktober 2020

Dead on time crew’n’friend member Hagen dropped by with some early X-Mas presents in his bag. He brought a Boltcutter Cycles Peacemaker G+ frameset including the sweetest crank on the market, a set Cane Creek titan eeWings. So we put together what belongs together! Hope Technology „RS4 C“ hubs spinning the center of our „Ultimate […]

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Giant TCR 2020 25. September 2020

With the all new „TCR 2021“ frame-sets already available, our customer Julius probably was pretty happy about the chance of getting this bargain of an Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc 2020 frame-set. We helped him to what he had in mind. He will hit the following roads on a custom wheel-set based around @erasecomponents Road […]

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Changed Opening Times for the next 3 weeks! 21. August 2020

As most people we like to enjoy holidays (and really need it after this crazy season)! From next week on part of our staff is abroad and to keep our service up we will need to change our opening times /partly close our shop for some days until getting back to normal. We might be a bit slow on mails in the time as well. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused!

26.8.2020 : Shop closed!
27.08.2020: 15 to 20

02.09.2020 : Shop closed
03.09.2020 : 15 to 20

09.09.2020 : Shop closed!
10.9.2020: 15 to 20

All appointments made are still on and you can bring your bikes to the workshop at the given date! Onlineshop will be online as well and all packages send out as fast as possible.


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