Berlin – New Onlineshop!!! 15. November 2014

You may have noticed we have been busier and somehow more muddle-headed than usual in the last weeks. Recently we started workingwith an inventory system and it was a lot of work to get everything working. Because of tech. reason we had to change our Onlineshop to a new System. So now we presenting our new  Onlineshop:

This new Onlineshop is completly responsive and 8should work on all your mobile devices! The best thing is the connection to our inventory system, evrything shown available in the Shop is actually in our store and updated regulary! We will have to fix some issues over the next weeks and get used to the new system, but hopefully it will be a blast for all of us!

Important: You will have to register to the new shop as we coud not transfer the old user accounts to the new shop.  All orders until now will be worked on manually!

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